I continue to monitor what’s going on in Trenton, New Jersey’s capitol.  This week, Governor Murphy issued two Executive Orders (“E.O.’s”) which trend toward reopening.  They are cautious, referencing previous orders and urging social distancing, wearing masks, etc., but suggest we are starting on a path back toward normalcy such as we will have post-pandemic.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the Governor issued E.O. # 142 which, as described by the State website, “Permit[s] Resumption of Non-Essential Construction, Curbside Pickup at Non-Essential Retail Businesses, and Gatherings in Cars”.

This allows construction which was considered non-essential by E.O. # 122 to resume, and non-essential retail businesses to open with curbside pickup only (no going inside establishments).  Click to read E.O. #142

Yesterday, May 14, 2020, the Governor issued E.O. # 143 which, as described by the State website, “Allow[s] Beaches, Boardwalks, Lakes, and Lakeshores to Remain Open with Social Distancing Measures in Place”.

You may have heard on the news that the Governor tipped his hand on this Executive Order on Twitter.  The goal is to allow the shore to open for Memorial Day weekend; the news reported that three municipalities, Seaside Heights, Ocean City and Sea Isle City, would have “trial runs” this weekend.  Click to read E.O. # 143. 

If you have questions about these Executive Orders or how they may impact you, please contact my office.

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