With primary elections now a little more than a month away, Executive Order (E.O.) # 144, signed on May 15, 2020 and effective immediately, is relevant; it enables all New Jersey citizens to exercise their franchise safely from home by voting by mail.

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E.O. # 109 had suspended elective surgeries, and E.O. # 145, also signed on May 15, allowed them to resume as of May 26. Significantly, for those of us looking for some good news, the E.O. noted that from April 4 to May 11, the three-day average of new confirmed positive COVID-19 cases had fallen 61 percent (from 4,064 to 1,572) and from April 10, the three-day average of new COVID-19 hospitalizations fell 71 percent (from 869 to 250).

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On May 16, 2020 the Governor followed up with E.O. # 146, permitting charter fishing and watercraft rental businesses to reopen, subject to similar social  distancing and safety requirements as imposed by other recent E.O.’s. As a state with a long shoreline and many bodies of water, this helps the businesses providing such services and those of us engaging in such recreation.

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May 18, 2020’s Executive Order # 147 saw the reopening of certain recreational businesses which had been closed by E.O. 107: archery ranges, batting cages, golf driving ranges, horseback riding establishments, shooting ranges and tennis clubs. ATV and dirt bike rental establishments and community gardens reopened, and golf courses were permitted to expand services.

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On May 22, 2020, E.O. # 148 increased the capacity limit on outdoor gatherings to 25, and applied this number to businesses allowed to reopen under E.O. # 147.

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On May 30, 2020, Executive Order # 149 allowed resumption of child care services, youth day camps, and organized sports over the coming weeks and rescinding E.O. # 110 as of June 15. This will be relevant to anyone who had previously intended to register their children in summer camps of any kind.

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